What we do…

We uphold British Values by learning about the rules of law, democracy, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those of different backgrounds and faiths. To coincide with the General Election we held our very own ‘mock’ Election Day.  Pupils learnt about the different political parties, had chance to discuss and debate manifestos in form time and were able to vote for their chosen party. The election was presided over by the ex-mayor of Tameside, Cllr P Harrison.  This gave pupils the opportunity to experience what it is like to vote in a democratic country. On our ‘Aspire day’, pupils had to opportunity to listen and ask questions from our invited guests who represent the local area a local Councillor, Member of Parliament and local Police officers. During PSHE lessons pupils study relationships, different lifestyles and cultures, community, the law, the role of the government, global responsibilities, the European Union and the United Nations.

British Values:www.gov.uk


MP Visit Oct 2015 Angela Rayner MP  

 Angela Rayner MP visit September 2015

Angela Rayner MP visit October 2015

 Mayor of Tameside Visit 24Nov15 Angela Rayner MP Clr Oliver Ryan Visit 

Mayor of Tameside visit November 2015


Angela Rayner MP, Cllr. Oliver Ryan & Mayor

of Tameside visit October 2016