GCSE Results

Class of 2017

Another successful year for St Damian’s. Top performing school in Tameside in many measures!
Over the past few years St Damian’s GCSE outcomes have been some of the best in Tameside. This year is no exception. St Damian’s was the highest performing school in a range of areas showing that our academic standards are high. The percentage of pupils achieving Grade 4 or above, at 86% was the highest in Tameside and the percentage of pupils achieving Grade 5 or above, at 63% was also the highest.  These basic measures are the foundations of future progress and success.
Across a range of subjects including Religious Education, Sciences, Triple Science, History, Geography and Languages St Damian’s achieved unprecedented exam successes with these subjects all achieving more than 90% A*- C grades. Within these, many pupils achieved A*/As. For example, in Chemistry 94% of pupils entered achieved an A* or A, or in Religious Education, in which the whole cohort was entered achieved 46% A* or A. These are simply outstanding results and all areas of the curriculum broke all previous records. Our vocational subjects, including BTEC PE, ICT, CPLD also excelled in their achievements with many pupils surpassing high targets.
These results follow on from winning the ‘Most inspirational secondary school of the Year’ last November.
It is important to point out that although our exam results this year have been great, this has been the trend at St Damian’s over the past 3 years. This shows our consistency, our embedded expectations and ultimately the great relationships within school, of which the GCSE results are the by-product:
  • Aug 2015: TOP school in Tameside - 5A*-C including English & Maths
  • Aug 2016: TOP school in Tameside - Disadvantaged pupils progress
  • Aug 2017: TOP school in Tameside - % 4 + in English & Maths AND % 5 + in English & Maths

We hope that parents will continue to support the school and up-hold our simple values and rules and watch this space for Aug 2018!

Our success at St Damian’s is simple. We believe in the potential of every child. We genuinely care for all the children. And we have a school community where relationships, based on core values such as respect and tolerance, are vital. Indeed, our unofficial motto is ‘Believe to Achieve’. This is instilled in all the children from day one.

Finally, we are an ambitious school. Ambitious in the best sense, making sure that YOUR child achieves their potential in all they do.

Look at the results below. These are unprecedented and a tribute to the excellent staff at the school.

87%     Students achieving 5 standard passes including English & Mathematics
63%     Students achieving 5 strong passes including English & Mathematics
63%     Students achieving 9-5 in English & Maths
88%     Students achieving 9-4 in English & Maths
61%     English Baccalaureate [Standard Pass] 
49%     English Baccalaureate [Strong Pass]
93%     Students attaining 9-4 in English
93%     Students attaining 9-4 in Mathematics


Class of 2016

Mr Logue, the Headteacher said “Once again, St Damian’s delivers the results for our great pupils.  Our headline figure, 5 A*- C including English and Maths, was 71% and our levels of progression in all the core subjects was very impressive. . This shows that our pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education. This is down to the dedication, commitment and ‘can-do’ attitude of the staff, teachers and support staff who never give up on our pupils. At St Damian’s we instil a belief in the children that they can do it and the pupils, as always, rose to the occasion. Our unofficial motto, ‘Believe to Achieve’ was embraced by the pupils and I wish them all the best for their future, hoping that in some small way St Damian’s has gave them an exceptional start”

Please visit the Department for Education for current school performance information here and the performance tables here.

Progress 8 Score 0.05

71.3%      5+ A*-C including English and Mathematics
79.3%      5+ A*-C
99.3%      5+ A*-G
32.7%      English Baccalaureate  *visit the DfE website for more information here
79.9%      Students attaining A*-C in English
79.9%      Students attaining A*-C in maths

Class of 2015

We are celebrating record GCSE results this year!St Damian’s Roman Catholic Science College has once again surpassed our previous GCSE outcomes with an incredible 79% of its pupils achieving the ‘gold standard’ of 5A*-C grades. This statistic is the highest of all the secondary schools in Tameside. Although it has been a long journey, as only a few years ago we were in Special Measures, Mr Logue said the wait was ‘worth it!’Mr Logue paid tribute to the staff who are hardworking, caring and committed to the pupils at St Damian’s.To see the joy on their faces was special and the buzz in the school on results days was a moment we will remember for a long time. “I am, yet again, humbled to say that the staff of St Damian’s rose to the challenge. They really are a fantastic group of people who make my job so much easier. I salute every one of them- they really do go that ‘extra mile’ ”. Mr Logue added that this is a time for the whole Community; pupils, parents, staff and governors to celebrate and be proud of this great achievement. “There is nothing that this community cannot achieve if we believe we can do it. This Community is strong, united and focused on ensuring our fantastic pupils get a first class education”. I look forward to another exciting year ahead.

Please visit the Department for Education for current school performance information here and the performance tables here.

79%      5+ A*-C including English and Mathematics
89%      5+ A*-C
97%      5+ A*-G
37%      English Baccalaureate  *visit the DfE website for more information here
82%      Students attaining A*-C in English
90%      Students attaining A*-C in maths

Class of 2014

St Damian’s another year of good achievement

Well done to the class of 2014. Another year of good achievement by our pupils with 64% achieving  5A*-C. Many pupils excelled in academic performance including our Headboy Dominic Kennedy, Headgirl Emma Oliver and students Eleanor Bowker, Matthew Clayton, Mili Dolan, Martha Harris, Fenn Horan, Sterin James, Jamie Pagett, Amie Simm to name only a few. The best news was the outstanding English results where 83% of our pupils achieved A*C. This is an outstanding achievement and well done to the English department who worked so hard to achieve!

The College has an embedded culture of raising both attainment and aspirations of our children.  I am a Head Teacher that believes great schools have children at their heart and our excellent Pupil Learning Forum ensures that pupil voice has an impact on the quality of learning within the school. This forum, led by a range of pupils, has already helped to create ‘what makes an outstanding lesson’ and there are already exciting plans for the forthcoming academic year.

However, academic results are only part of what we do. Our Mission is to develop the whole child and our strong pastoral care is second to none. This all rounded education is the foundation of what we do and is reflected in our very happy pupils and excellent attendance: indeed only last week our attendance was over 98% which is truly outstanding!

Mr Logue, is especially proud of the overwhelming parental support of parents.  Survey after survey completed last year and on-going this year shows considerable loyalty to the College and recognition that their children receive a great quality of education.  The staff are determined for this to continue.

You are more than welcome to visit the school during the working day to see St Damian’s at its very best. Please contact the school for an appointment.  Finally, we are a very caring yet ambitious school and year on year we aim to break all previous records!!

Mr Logue said that the results held up but that next year the school’s ambitions was to break every previous record held by the school.

64%      5+ A*-C including English and Mathematics
71.33%      5+ A*-C
100%      5+ A*-G
22%      English Baccalaureate  *visit the DfE website for more information here

Class of 2013

St Damian’s Second Year of High Academic Achievement

For the second year running St Damian’s has achieved good academic outcomes for our pupils. This year 89% of our pupils achieved at least five A*-C grades, 67% including English and Maths. This follows on from our record results last year reflecting the fact that for the second year in a row we have a consistent approach to high standards of academic achievement.   You can view further information on our college at the Ofsted School Data Dashboard.  This provides a of high level summary of our college performance data.  Also please visit the Department for Education performance tables for 2013 here.

Behind these ‘headlines’ we have had record results in a range of subjects including Maths, English Literature, Geography, History, Technology, RE and Expressive Arts.  Our A*/A grades have also rocketed across many subjects. For example in Maths 25% of our pupils achieved A*/A, in Geography 27%, in History 37%, in English Literature 31% and in Religious Education 29%. Our Ebacc, a qualification that reflects high academic achievement, has also increased. On a personal level, many pupils achieved fantastic results, our Headboy and Headgirl achieved 22 A*s between them.  This is a phenomenal achievement and reflects the schools determination to achieve higher end results.

These results are a combination of many factors, but most importantly a relentless focus on teaching and learning, where there have been substantial improvements over the past 12 months.  Strong leadership, including very pro-active governors, are committed and determined to get the best possible results. In practise this means that every single child matters, and this is at the heart of our vision!

67%      5+ A*-C including English and Mathematics
90%      5+ A*-C
99%      5+ A*-G
29%      English Baccalaureate  *visit the DfE website for more information here


January 2013

Pupil celebrate after receiving fantastic GCSE results in Maths.  A record 73% of Year 11 pupils have so far achieved the ‘magic’ grade C or above. Within this, 25 pupils achieved an A* or grade A in Maths. This is a marvellous achievement and is a direct result of pupils having the belief they can achieve coupled with a culture of high expectations and committed staff.

Mr Logue, Headteacher, said “These results are great. I am so proud of both my pupils and staff. All the hard work is starting to pay-off. St Damian’s is going from strength to strength. We are now determined to improve upon these results in forthcoming exams. This is another piece of the jigsaw to meet our vision: and quite simply that is to become an outstanding Catholic school”.

Class of 2012

Our vision is to be an outstanding Catholic College and to achieve this we need to be consistently empowering our students to do well.  Therefore it is with great pleasure that we, at St Damian’s, are proud to be celebrating the best GCSE results EVER in the History of the College.  70% of students at St Damian’s RC Science College achieved 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths.  This is a massive increase from 50% two years ago! This is down to the hard work of both the pupils and the staff.  We also received a letter from David Laws MP congratulating us on our excellent GCSE performance which placed St Damian’s amongst the 100 best improving schools in terms of the progress of our pupils make between KS2 and their GCSEs.  Please see here to view the letter.

70%      5+ A*-C including English and Mathematics
90%      5+ A*-C
97%      5+ A*-G
27%      English Baccalaureate  *visit the DfE website for more information here

Performance against National and Tameside Secondary Schools 2012

To find out how St Damian’s compares nationally with other secondary schools, please follow the DfE link and comparisons in Tameside please follow this link to the BBC school performance tables

Class of 2011

Our GCSE result for 2011 were as follows:

57%      5+ A*-C including English and Mathematics
75%      5+ A*-C
92%      5+ A*-G
7%      English Baccalaureate  *visit the DfE website for more information here