Welcome to Year 8

Sarah Stoneley

Year 8 is a very important year. There will be many challenges ahead as your child changes from a child into a teenager.

The Year 8 Pastoral Team is here to help care for your child’s social and emotional needs but also academic performance.

In order for each student to make excellent progress this year we recognize the need to support the whole child. The Year 8 Pastoral Team is very experienced in their roles and treats each child in their form as an individual with individual needs.

Miss S Stoneley - Head of Year 8
The Pastoral Team for Year 8 is:
Miss S Stoneley - Head of Year 8

Form Tutors:

Miss M Guilfoyle 8MGE
Mrs C Whiteside 8CWD
Miss A Ali 8AAI
Mr L Gregory 8LGY
Mr M Jones 8MJS 
Mrs M Gerschler 8MGR


  • Year 8 Form Tutors are your first point of contact with school, regarding pastoral and progress issues.


Homework Club:

Homework club runs every Tuesday after school and is a support to any child who may be underachieving in lessons or who may find completing homework at home challenging.

Should you require your child to attend homework club please contact Mrs Battaglia at school.