St Damian’s Attendance Vine Tree

Vine Tree


Our Vine Tree is situated in the hall, this represents our 100% attendance pupils, plus our most improved attendees. 

At the end of each term the pupils on 100% attendance go into a prize draw for their effort.

Our vision is:


“Each pupil makes up the vine of St Damian’s and together our community grows stronger through our attendance”


Please read our whole school attendance target booklet here


Monthly Attendance

"Congratulations to every single pupil for their determination and commitment by arriving to school on time and for their excellence attendance records.  The total percentage attendance for the academic year 2013,14 was 96.5%, and for 2014,15 was 96% – WELL DONE to all our pupils…"

Please find below the monthly attendance for 2015,16;


Whole School

Attendance - %

Best Year Group

Attendance - %

Top Form

Attendance - %

September 201597.2 Yr10 - 97.911RTU - 99.8
October 201596.4 Yr10 - 97.38HSS - 99.2
November 2015 96 Yr10 - 96.611JAL - 98.9
December 2015 95.2Yr7 - 96 8VBT - 99.4
January 2016   
Feburary 2016   
March 2016   
April 2016   
May 2016   
June 2016   
July 2016   


Please find below important information from the Local Authority that we are required to share with all parents concerning absence from college.

It is for information only and outlines the actions that could be taken against parents/carers re: attendance.

Penalty Notices for non-school attendance:

Section 444(a) of the Education Act 1996 empowers the local authority to issue Penalty Notices in cases of unauthorised absence from school.  this means that when a pupil has unauthorised absence of 10 sessions (5 days) or more, in any 12 week period (where no acceptable reason has been given for the absence) or if their child persistently arrives late for school after the close of registration, their parents or carers may receive a Penalty Notice fine of £60, which must be paid within 28 days.  If payment is made after 28 days but within 42 days, the penalty is increased to £120.  Where a fine remains unpaid after 42 days, the matter will be referred to the Borough Solicitor, who will consider instigating criminal proceedings.

In law, an offence occurs if a parent or carer fails to secure a child’s regular attendance at school.  Tameside Education Welfare Service, in conjunction with schools and Greater Manchester Police, will use these powers as an early deterrent to prevent patterns of unauthorised absence developing.

Parents may also receive a Penalty Notice without a warning letter for the offence of failing to secure regular school attendance for the following reasons:

  • If their child is stopped on a truancy sweep more than once.
  • If they go on holiday in term time without school’s permission or are late returning from an extended holiday.
  • If they have not co-operated with the Education Welfare Service following a referral from school after they have taken steps to address the absences with the parent/carer and pupil.
  • If their child fails to return to school following a fixed term exclusion.

The Education and Inspections Act 2006 also makes it an offence if a parent fails to ensure that their child is not in a public place during the first 5 days of a fixed term or permanent exclusion.  Penalty Notices may be issued in relation to this matter.

The Local Authority and schools are committed to providing the best possible future for your child.  If you have concerns about your child’s attendance at school or if you are experiencing any difficulties, contact school and ask for help.  Support is also available from the Education Welfare Service on telephone number 0161 342 2297.


Days off school = Lost learning

There are 190 school days which your child should attend school.This leaves 175 Non School Days a Year – 175 days to spend on family time, visits, holidays, shopping, household jobs and other appointments.



days in school each year



days for your child’s education



days absence



days of education



days absence



days of education



days absence



days of education



days absence



days of education



days absence



days of education








Best chance of success.

Gets your child off to a flying start.


Less Chance of success.

Makes it harder to make progress.

Serious Concern

Not fair on your child.

Court action!



Holidays during term time

From 1st September 2013, the new law gives no entitlement to parents to take their child on holiday during term time.  The Head teacher of St Damian’s would not be expected to class any term time holiday as exceptional.  Parents can be fined by the Local Authority for their child on holiday during term time without consent from school.  Penalty notices are £60 if paid within 21 days rising to £120 if paid within 28 days.  Failure to make the payment will result in the Local Authority taking legal action for failure to ensure regular attendance at school under Sec 444(1) Education Act 1996.