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Below you will find key dates for year group Parents Evening. A letter will be sent home with your child explaining our Parents Evenings. Should you wish to speak to anyone regarding these dates please contact us on the above telephone number.
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Y11 Parents Evening
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Feedback from our Parents Evenings

Thank you for the massive and genuine show of support for St Damian’s and your appreciation of all the hard work that teachers undertake for your children. Also for the many positive comments, that I will pass onto my staff. We are resolute in our determination to ensure your child achieves, and exceeds their potential in a safe and caring environment. Below you will find some of the many positive comments parents and carers have made, and a resounding show of confidence from our Parent Evening Questionnaires.

Parental Comments and Recommendations

At every parents evening I ask if you would complete a Parental Questionnaire. These give us valuable information about your child's experience of St Damian's. I want to ensure that you are happy with your child's education and I am always striving to improve. Therefore, I welcome feedback on any areas we could improve on, and in particular any aspects of our school that you really like. I would like to share a few comments with you.




Would you recommend this school to another parent?

A few comments from our parents









Year 11




65 2 1

'The Staff work hard and are dedicated.'

'Thank you to every single member of staff that has educated my son & made him into a wonderful, confident young man.  Outstanding Staff Outstanding School.' 

'No, couldn’t have wished for a better school for my children.'

'The support given to my daughter is lovely, she sometimes lacks confidence, but staff always made her feel positive.'

'Just really pleased with the education both my daughters have received at this school, couldn’t have asked for better. Many Thanks.' 

'Teachers – amazing! Thanks so much.'

'Brilliant teachers.' 

'The teachers are amazing.'

'The staff are all friendly and approachable and really care about the pupils.'

'Very happy with the support my child has been given from all staff.'

'The response to any of my concerns with my daughter, Mrs Taylor has helped her massive, can’t thank her enough'

'The commitment from the staff to help the pupils be the best they can be, is overwhelming.  Ms Taylor as Head of Year is approachable at all times is just fantastic.'

'No, I’ve been very happy with my son’s progress and time at St Damian’s.'

'Friendly Staff.' 

'Fantastic pastoral care / support.'

'Thank you for your time and support for my son.'

'Amazing, enthusiastic and committed teachers.'

'Really appreciate encouragement given to my daughter. Thanks.'

'Helpful Staff.'

Year 9





'Excellent pastoral care.   Excellent staff who continually strive to push children to improve.'

'Parent/teacher relationships are good.  Always kept in the loop with what is important.'

'The school offers excellent academic program for students.  The staff are very professional, and they are always there ready to help.  They motivate students to do their best and believe they can achieve.'

'Great teachers – Keep doing what you are currently doing.'

'Keep up the good work.'

'Fantastic School.  Proud to say my children come to this school.'

'My son loves St Damian’s, he thinks the teachers are great.  He finds the work challenging but that’s something that he enjoys.'

'My daughter has grown in confidence.'

'Love the work ethic & the behaviour standards set.'

'Very good school & teachers, will highly recommend to others.'

'Lovely approachable staff.'

'Carry on with the excellent charity work.'

'Teachers are always great, polite & informative.'

'Staff commitment and dedication to all children is commendable and results show.'

'Amazing teachers.  Really supportive & encouraging.'

'Thank you, this is a fantastic school where everyone works incredibly hard.'

'Enthusiasm of the staff is fantastic.'

'All teachers when met on different occasions have been helpful, supportive  & encouraging.'

Year 7



      'Thank you for all the hard work.  Well done on getting Outstanding.'


'My son enjoys his classes, teachers seem to really engage the pupils and make learning interesting.  I’m happy that when there are behaviour issues it is dealt with quickly.

Please could the achievement point system with rewards be quicker too.'


'I am extremely happy with this school.'

'Positive attitude towards pupils.  Can do attitude.'

'My son really enjoys school and is achieving well and mixes with all year pupils. Excellent progress.  I’m very pleased.'

'There are always prefects and people to help you.'

'I love how much my child’s developing now, loves to learn.  Amazing progress so far.'

'Commitment of staff.  High expectations of pupils.'

'Staff are very good, pupils are polite.'

'Excellent response & resolution to issues, surrounding bullying.'

'Staff are always very helpful.  Good feedback on progress.'

'Generally very happy, my son is too.  We haven’t encountered any problems as yet and hopefully won’t in the future.'

'Approachable & knowledgeable teachers.'

'My daughter adores school and is excelling in all subjects.  Thank you.'

Year 8



94 2 0

'It is a very caring school, well done on the Ofsted.'

'I like the way my daughter (s) performance continues to improve from the relentless efforts the teachers put in to teaching to bring the best in children.'

'Always feel my children are in the very best place.'

'My daughter would like me to say that all her teachers are nice. I would like to say that I strongly believe that all her teachers give 100% and I have no concerns. I am thrilled with the progress she is making.'

'I feel the teachers are clever in the way they push children for more especially Miss Ali.'

'My son had issues with bullying at the end of Yr7, and at the start of Yr8 we came in for a meeting. The way they dealt with the issue was very fast.  I can’t speak highly enough of the professional attitude of these two teachers. I got an overwhelming feeling that both of them genuinely cared about my son’s welfare. Thank you so much, my son is now much happier as a result. Keep up the good work.'

'Daughter is happy and feels safe. Enjoys attending and has a good group of friends, who she socialises inside and outside of school.'

'I am very happy my child is part of St Damian’s School.'

'The hard work of all the staff shows through the excellent school St Damian’s is. Thank you.'

'You all do an amazing job & I’m proud to say that she comes to this school. THANK YOU!!!'

'Yes every teacher knows where my child is in terms of targets & GCSE levels.  Progress is monitored and realistically achievable.  Thank you.'

'School of Rock was great.'

'My son has done really well, while being at this school. Thank you!!! J'

'I am generally extremely pleased with everything about St Damian’s'

'Convey my thanks to the teachers for the excellence in my child’s tuition.'

'The teachers really bring out the best in my child. They are very encouraging, positive and give her real confidence in herself.'

'All the staff are great well done on being Outstanding.'

'Think all the staff do an amazing job.'

Year 10



100 7 11

'Thank you for all the support and guidance every teacher has given and continues to give to my child. Well done for the recent Ofsted.'

'All the pupils are always so well behaved and polite.'

'Guidance on helping child revise and prepare for exams.'

'We are delighted with the support my child receives and the progress he has made.'

'So proud of all my daughter’s achievements and the outstanding support from amazing staff.'

'Staff are amazing. They do an amazing job.'

'So happy with my son’s progress, can’t ask for anything more. Fantastic teachers.'

'How (i) valuable it is to have a good relationship with the children. My child’s progress has elevated this year, due to the bond with her teachers.'

'Fabulous Staff.'

'Feel teachers always care about children’s progress.'

'Staff very professional, pupils very polite.'

'My daughter loves our school.'

'My son is making excellent progress which demonstrates excellent teaching. All teachers are passionate and show clear dedication, which is maintaining interest and enthusiasm for learning. Very happy parent.'

'Well done! thank you for making my children happy.'

'Very positive teaching.'

'I liked the response from teaching staff that we can ask for assessment on progress at any time.'

'The help and support the children get from the staff.'

'Always a good atmosphere and friendly welcome.'

'Everything is fantastic.'

'We all think St Damian’s is Brilliant.'

'I am very happy with my child and with the school.'

'Open, honest and supportive – such a happy school.'

'The staff all seem to be dedicated and enthusiastic and the teaching is very good.'

Year 11



42 1 1  

'Extremely proud my child is a pupil of a fantastic school.'

'You have changed my boy in to an amazing lad'

'The support from all the teachers is exceptional.'

'The Staff really care about students.'

'Carry on maintaining an excellent school, well done to ALL staff'

'Brilliant School and Teachers. Wouldn’t send my children anywhere else.'

'All staff really helpful and friendly.'

'The staff are very helpful. My son really enjoys studying and he is very motivated to learn and we believe that he will achieve what he deserves because of the support he gets from his teachers.'

'Keep up the excellent communication by text.'

'The support my son has received from the staff this year has been excellent. Well done all.'

'My daughter enjoys coming into school to learn.'

'Very happy with staff and the lengths they go to, to make sure the pupils are taught well.  All very supportive. Thank you for all your hard work and support.'

'All the teaching staff are nice and approachable.'

Year 9



83 2 2

'The Headteacher and all staff are brilliant. The progress my daughter has made is exceptional.

'Really happy with St Damian’s. I am proud that my children attend this school.

'Your staff are a credit to you, so enthusiastic and always promote the children.

'Outstanding school, so happy my daughter attend St Damian’s and is progressing so well.

'So proud to say both my children attend St Damian’s

'All staff were more than helpful

'Excellent pastoral support.

'Approachability of the Teachers.

'Very supportive teachers – keep up the good work.

'Fantastic dedicated staff who know your child extremely well.  Can’t praise staff enough, well done St Damian’s.

'Excellent School – Excellent staff.

'Staff are hardworking and know my child well.

'I am really pleased with the support my child has received, you couldn’t have done more for him.

'The caring way in which my children are looked after at this school is beyond expectation.

'Keep up the good work – excellent school.

'The school deals with issues straight away.

'The staff take the trouble to get to know pupils well.

'Staff are fantastic.

'Enthusiastic teachers.

'It is very conforting seeing the profressionalism of the staff and the knowledge that your child is being well looked after 

'Keep up the good work.

Year 7



124 0 2

 'Thanks to all the staff. My daughter has improved not only mentally but in confidence and this is down to your hard work.'


 'Looking forward to seeing the improvements over the forthcoming years [WELL DONE YOU]'


 'The staff and pupils are a credit to the school, my daughter is extremely happy! 😊'


 'Enthusiasm of all teachers'

 'Fantastic staff, very helpful '


 'The staff obviously care for the students and appear proud to be a part of such a thriving environment'


 'Staff seem very enthusiastic and encouraging'


 'Transition arrangements were fabulous. So happy and can’t believe how well my son has settled'


 'Communication between staff and parents when a concern is raised is top notch. Fantastic 😊'


 'Never had any issue. Keep up the good work. Teachers have great attitude. Pupils are well mannered. Reflects on the


 'Very welcoming'


 'Friendly staff. Progress information is clear and seems to be well organised.'


 'The staff are enthusiastic and take the trouble to get to know the children well'


 'Keep doing more of the same. All the staff care a great deal and this filters down to the children. It’s rare to see how ALL

  staff retain this approach.'


 'The problems that we have encountered have been dealt with quickly by caring, approachable staff. My son knows where

  to go when he has a problem'


 'Progress is maintained. Managed very well'

 'Excellent overall. We are very happy about every aspect of the school. Our daughter is very happy coming to school and

  we see the good work of the teachers in her'


 'Happy with the school efforts. We have always been very happy with the happy family environment that the school provides'


 'My daughter has settled into St Damian’s really well. She really struggled with Maths in primary school and so didn’t like it. 

  Now she lives it and is progressing well.'


 'We are quite happy with everything. Well led, well run, happy children'


 'I have 3 children at St Damian’s, year 11, 8 and 7. They all have loved the school from day one. At this moment I am that

  proud I could burst with how well my daughter is doing in such a short space of time. Thank you'

 'My daughter is so happy and loves coming to school. I am delighted with her academic progress and more importantly how

  well she is cared for by all her teachers'


 'My daughter has come to this school with no friendship groups as she was the only one from her school. The settling in day

  and fist few weeks she found amazing and settled straight away. Thank you very much.'


 'Amazing school with fantastic staff and pupils. Best decision to send our children to St Damian’s. Thank you to the lovely

  pupils on the questionnaire desk too [CaitlanSenior and Hannah Hodson. Fantastic welcome] '


 'Excellent staff. Child feels secure'

 'My daughter has settled in very well. She is building strong friendships with her peers and teachers. She really loves St

  Damian’s. No hesitation recommending to another parent.'


 'Fabulous open evenings and productions: the school really does these events well'


 'Everyone is really wonderful. My daughter adores school. Thanks to XX, who is a fantastic form tutor'


 'My son is really happy at school and an incident was dealt with promptly and satisfactorily. Thanks for everything. Great

  school and great staff. Definitely recommend it'

Year 8



61 0 4

'Please convey my thanks to all teachers for the wonderful effort in raising my child’s educational achievements.'


'Recommend school: Absolutely'


'Friendly, helpful, professional staff always willing to go the extra mile'


'Nothing to improve the school: each time we visit, always pleased with results or critique received'


'All staff members communicate very well with parents, their teaching standards are exceptional'


'School ethos is great and the atmosphere is relaxed and a safe environment'


'Professional staff, always willing to go the extra mile'


'My son enjoys coming to school everyday and talks openly about his experiences throughout the school day. I love the fact

 that his teachers really know him'


'I particularly appreciate the Twitter and Facebook feed'


'Like how St Damian’s supports students with additional needs'


'Fantastic staff'


'Good teaching'


'Love the dedication of staff who give up their own free time for activities out of school hours'


'Very pleased with school and progress'


Year 10



75 3 0

'I have no issues or concerns regarding my daughter. She is extremely happy and I am more than happy with the care and teaching at this school'

'One word: AMAZING'

'My daughter has loved St Damian’s from her first day, her whole experience has been a pleasure'

'Fantastic teachers who support my daughter in every aspect of her development in school, thank you'

'Great school, great teachers and really understand the kids they teach'

'Excellent school, dedication to the students – wonderful'

'Parent/teach relations excellent, supportive teachers'

'My children are very happy here'

'That each member of staff knew my child and her personality'

'Supportive, approachable teachers'

'My son is very happy at St Damian’s and his parents evening results confirmed that'

Year 11









'Cannot recommend this school enough, everybody is trying to get their child in this school.  Everybody is talking about this school.'

'I think the school is absolutely brilliant.'

'Please tell them ‘I love this place’

'How well your staff come across to the pupils and their progress, could not have asked for a better school.'

'The staff are brilliant.'

'The last of my children in this school.  We’ll be sad when he leaves.'

'Yr 11 is a crucial year for students, the support and teaching with regards to my son is outstanding.  I feel so fortunate my child attends St Damian’s and has been given emotional support from Yr 7 to Yr 11.  Well done St Damian’s.'

'Thank you for additional support and study groups.'

'This is my last parents evening, I’ve had two children go through and I have to say both my children have found Mr xx’s teaching to be ‘INSPIRATIONAL’

'The staff excel at pastoral care, it is evident and has been from day 1 that the staff have our son’s best interests at heart, both his well-being and education.'

'The staff are caring.'

'Make a sixth form because my daughter loves this school and would really want to stay for further education.'

'Both my daughters Shannon and Hannah Roche have enjoyed this school – I would recommend it to anyone.'

'I would like to thank all the staff who have been integral in the development academically and mentally, she has overcome some challenges over the last year – but I truly believe she has been guided well.'

'All staff are doing an amazing job, they do really care and its excellent to see.'

'Friendly, welcoming and very informative.'

'Impressed with the support to students and the information supplied to parents. Team effort.'

'Keep up the great work. Thank you.'

'Keep up the good work.'

'School has taught all my three sons and I wouldn’t have sent them anywhere else.'

'Leadership and passion for learning is always present when I attend school.  My children feel valued at St Damian’s.'

'Very caring, very helpful staff.'

'Thank you for all the hard work.'

'There is a really friendly atmosphere in the school.  All the teachers care about my child’s education.'

'Have always felt confident since open night for Harry, that you were firm but fair.  I still believe this.'

'Both children really love the school.'

'My daughter is very happy at this school.  Every aspect is great.'

'Teaches are very helpful and are caring to the students.'

'Please pass on thanks to all teachers.  As a parent I really appreciate all the time and effort they put into making sure that every child achieves their best.'

'Fantastic & enthusiastic teachers.'

'The care they put into pupils education.'

Year 9






'Always appreciated the strong ethos at the school, community spirit and friendliness of all staff'

'An excellent parents evening and very proud of Lydia’s progress. Many thanks to all the teachers'

'I am overwhelmed by the support the teachers give to my daughter. I am a very proud parent to say my children attend St Damian’s'

'It was lovely to see that all teachers knew my daughter as an individual and knew her personality and achievements'

'It is lovely to see XXX’s confidence levels increase, she just needs to stop the chatting'

'My daughter is very happy coming to school and is making great progress. The pastoral care at St Damian’s is ‘outstanding’. We feel very lucky that our daughter attends this school. Thank you'

'I think you have great staff and they really make a difference'

'The teachers and staff are fantastic!! I know my son will do great and that’s down to the dedication of staff'

'Keep up the outstanding work!'

'Great school, fantastic teachers'

'Keep doing what you’re doing. The results speak for themselves. Strong leadership and great staff. Absolutely recommend to another parent'

'All the teachers are friendly and approachable. I would have no problems speaking to any of them about any concerns I might have'

'It is a great school and she enjoys attending'

'I love everything about the school and staff. I feel they look after the pupils well'

'Fantastic teaching and commitment from all staff. Thank you for all your hard work and effort'

'My child enjoys the extra opportunity to join in all the clubs and groups'

'We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their hard work and support they have given XXX this year. Very pleased with all his improvements'

'Continue the superb work. Thank you each and every member of staff'

'My daughter enjoys school, she feels she is in a good environment for learning and the teaching staff always encourage her to do her best'

Year 7



92 0 2

'All the teachers we met were extremely positive and enthusiastic, parents evening was very valuable'

'Great pastoral care'

'Great to meet the fantastic teachers in St Damian’s'

'Carry on raising children’s expectations and creating an all-round education keeping catholic values at the heart of all learning and experiences'

'I have dealt with reception on a few occasions-communication is always excellent!'

'Would you recommend to another parent? Yes, indeed I have done so earlier today to a parent'

'Really feel that the staff do have the children’s best interests at heart. Given my sons recent upsets this is a school that has communicated with me. Thank you'

'Updates and fundraising events excellent. Staff are lovely and approachable J'

'I like seeing Mr Logue and other teachers outside when children are starting and finishing school keeping them safe and doesn’t tolerate bad behaviour'

'Excellent school. XX has settled in well and loves school'

'XXX is very happy here and is growing in confidence every week'

'I’m just really pleased that XXX has been offered a place in Sept following her 2 older brothers and we are really pleased with the progress they have made and the environment you provide. Thank you so much'

' Staff are amazing and want children to achieve. Thank you'

'Both my children are doing very well and the teachers are very caring towards them'

'Very happy with the style of effective teaching. Staff have made XXX feel welcome and supportive. I would recommend this school

'All teachers welcoming, professional and genuinely care about my child'

'My daughter’s confidence has grown and grown since she came to St Damian’s. I thought the transition would be daunting but she is loving every minute'

'I like the way the staff support my child. If I have needed to talk to any of the staff it’s never too much trouble. Thank you'

'Fantastic school. Amazing school and staff'

Year 8



92 0 0

'My son thoroughly enjoys his time at school, has a great relationship with his teachers, and I’m extremely pleased with his progress.'

'It was a real pleasure to meet my daughters’ teachers and I found all of them very honest in their evaluation of her.  Good teaching staff.'

'Fantastic how my daughter is being pushed to reach her full potential, excellent teaching, best thing we ever did sending her to this school.'

'I just hope my son will get a place in the near future.'

'Excellent school with high standards.'

'Great school and staff.  Great atmosphere'

'Wonderful opportunity to find out my child’s progress.  Very dedicated staff who know the children they teach extremely well. Thank you to all.'

'The school is Fantastic in all categories, thank you

'Be proud in all you do in school'

'This is an excellent school – nothing more to say'

'Have dealt with office staff many times and they are always helpful.  No problems with St Damian’s !'

Year 10



97 1 2

'There is a genuine community and family ethos.  The principles are real and must be maintained to the same high standards.'

'Just keep doing the excellent work you already do!'

'I love the enthusiasm of the staff at the school, this creates a really positive, welcoming learning environment for the pupils and is really apparent when talking to the students.  This enthusiasm has clearly created a great attitude to learning which combined with the effort my daughter is encouraged to put in reassures me she will be confident going into her exams.'

'Dedicated staff that are committed to supporting my child to learn and achieve, to do well in exams/study and general community involvement'

'We have always been delighted we chose St Damian’s as the school for our children.'

'The teachers really work hard to help bring the best out of my child.'

'Fantastic well organised evening. Extremely approachable and honest staff.  thankyou all for your time and consistent hard work.'

'All wonderful'

'The support and encouragement from all the staff have enabled my daughter to reach all her targets and her ability to stride ahead.  Her confidence has grown 100%, thanks to St Damian’s.'

Year 11



45 0 4

'Staff are helpful and care'

'Friendly and professional atmosphere'

'All the staff have been brilliant with my daughter, and we thank you for all your support.'

'I like how the catholic ethos is encouraged throughout the school'

'My child enjoys school and all it stands for'

'Good school to home communication'

'Keep up the good work and this includes the caretakers who look after visitors'

'The teachers are all extremely helpful and dedicated and go beyond and above their duty'

'All the teachers are excellent'

'St Damian’s is a fantastic school, who I believe have taught my daughter valuable life skills.  Keep up the good work !'

'The teachers are exceptional and brought out the best in my son'

'The positivity and the discipline, thank  you'

Year 8



90 1 0

‘Continue as you are, the school is brilliant’

‘Great staff, thanks for all your hard work !’

‘I feel my daughter is developing new skills, she is growing into a lovely young lady guided by the staff’

‘Really pleased with all aspects of school life, could not ask for better for my children’

‘Staff are really committed to doing a great job’

Year 7






‘Really pleased with all aspects of school life.  My daughter has settled in well and school has made the transition from primary easy for her, thank you’ 

‘I imagined that my child would feel lost in such a big school.  I have found that staff and pupils have taken her under their wings and I never have to worry that she will not be looked after while she is at school’

‘Our daughter is making excellent progress, her teachers show that they know a lot about here.  We are so pleased with her and the lovely staff, a credit to the school’ 

‘Fantastic school, teachers and well behaved pupils.  All a credit to the school’ 

’Our son is really happy and settled in school.  A great reflection on the staff and leadership of the school’

‘Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working brilliantly !

Year 10






‘All I can say is Brilliant!’

‘Fantastic caring teachers who have helped our son develop into a confident young man we are very proud of, thank you’

‘I particularly like the pastoral care the school offers.  We are kept well informed about our child’s progress’

‘Carry on the good work’

‘My son is making excellent progress and I am very happy with St Damian’s it is a fantastic school’

Year 11






‘I am proud to say my child attends St Damian’s’

‘The attitude of the staff has allowed my son to progress and grow throughout his time here’

‘Excellent communication’

‘All staff are very attentive and are genuinely concerned for the future of the children’

‘St Damian’s is a great school, my son has been supported from the beginning’

Year 9






 ‘For the constant support and help my child receives on a daily basis’

‘Just keep up the good work ! the best school ever !!’

‘All staff are very knowledgeable about the children they teach, and are enthusiastic in their approach’

Year 7






‘Keep up the good work ! we are proud to say that our daughter goes to St Damian’s’

‘Our son settled in straight away, we are really pleased with his progress.  The teaching standard is excellent’

‘Knowing our son is safe, well cared for and respected at school  as he has immense respect for his teachers’

Year 8






 “I have two happy children coming to St Damian’s – I couldn't ask for anything more”

“My daughter is thriving at your school. You do a fantastic job!”

“We are extremely pleased with the support our child is given with her academic learning and also her spiritual growth too. Our child loves coming to school and that in itself is a credit to your teachers”

Year 10






“I am very proud to say that my daughter attends St Damian’s school”

"The school is wonderful in so many ways. Thank you”

"So proud tonight, all fantastic comments but that’s down to the fantastic teaching skills of staff.  My child always talks about how teachers ‘make it real’ and relate to things – pupils understand!  Well done

Year 11






“Pastoral care is excellent.  The children are rewarded for their efforts.  Good communication between teachers and parents”

“The relationship between pupils and teachers is really good. Teachers are role models rather than disciplinarians”

“My children have all been very happy at St Damian's and we feel your teaching staff are a credit to you. Thank you”

Year 11






“St Damian’s is a great spirit of belonging. It is a lovely school in a great location. The atmosphere in the school is always very friendly. I loved my time as a parent of children at St Damian’s – it is simply a great school in my opinion”

“The passion to succeed, and acting out ‘Every Child Matters’ quote rather than just saying”

“Over the years I have seen my children grow and blossom.  They have good self-esteem, and treat others with dignity and respect…thanks very much for St Damian's help & Support”


The following is a summary of responses from our Parental Questionnaires

Parents Evening Number of
Parental Responses
Total number of responses to all questions Would you recommend this school to another parent?
Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Don't Know Yes No Not Completed
Year 11 on 15.11.18 68 521 189 8 2 19 65 2 1
Year 9 on 22.03.18 92 736 257 15 9 14 85 0 7
Year 7 on 08.03.18 66 554 129 6 15 16 Question not Asked
Year 8 on 01.02.18 96 785 213 4 11 19 94 2
Year 10 on 25.01.18 118 803 400 53 5 0 100 7 11
Year 11 on 16.11.17 44 335 133 3 1 12 42 1 1
Year 9 on 23.03.17 86  711 203 14 7 11 83 2
Year 7 on 03.03.17 126 1093 252 8 3 30 124 0 2
Year 8 on 02.02.17 65 511 166 13 5 20 61 0 4
Year 10 - 26.01.17 78  593 240 9 2 13 75 3 0
Year 11 - 17.11.16 70 659 98 0 2 11 70 0
Year 9 - 17.03.16 91 755 207 11 6 22 87 2 2
Year 7 - 03.03.16 94 788 195 13 1 37 92 0 2
Year 8 - 28.01.16 92
Year 10 - 21.01.16 100 772 293 10 6 19 97 1 2
Year 11 - 19.11.15 49 372 142 4 1 20 45 0 4
Year 8 - 22.05.15 91 703 260 14 2 25 90 1 0
Year 7 - 05.03.15 116 1085 161 2 1 27 115 1 0
Year 10 - 15.01.15 77 553 258 14 1 21 76 0 1
Year 11 - 27.11.14 59  442  179 9  2  17  57 1 1
Year 9 - 20.03.14 68 514 217 8 0 9 65 0 3
Year 7 - 27.02.14 74 630 155 8 1 20 73 0 1
Year 8 - 30.01.14  77  567   237   12  4  27   76   0
Year 10 - 16.01.14 93 633 332 23 3 32 90 1 2
Year 11 - 28.11.13 62 357 263 22 3 26 57 2 3
Year 11 - 18.09.13 35 254 120 1 0 10 34 0 1
Year 8 - 27.06.13 103 617 460 20 1 33 99 1 3
Year 10 - 25.04.13 78 446 363 16 2 31 59 2 17
Year 9 - 14.03.13 102 685 369 25 14 29 87 0 15
Year 7 - 28.02.13 114 874 317 19 2 42 98 0 16
Year 11 - 07.02.13 55 400 217 6 2 12 47 2 6

This is a sample of our Parental Questionnaire:

Question StronglyAgree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
My child is happy at this school        
My child feels safe at this school        
My child makes good progress at this school        
My child is well looked after at this school        
My child is taught well at this school        
My child receives appropriate homework for their age        
This school makes sure it’s pupils are well behaved        
This school deals effectively with bullying(bullying includes persistent name calling, cyber bullying, racist and homophobic bullying)        
This school is well-led and managed        
This school responds well to any concerns I raise        
I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress        


«  Please convey my thanks to all teachers for the wonderful effort in raising my child’s educational achievements. Recommend school: Absolutely

«  Friendly, helpful, professional staff always willing to go the extra mile

«  Nothing to improve the school: each time we visit, always pleased with results or critique received

«  All staff members communicate very well with parents, their teaching standards are exceptional

«  School ethos is great and the atmosphere is relaxed and a safe environment

«  Professional staff, always willing to go the extra mile

«  My son enjoys coming to school everyday and talks openly about his experiences throughout the school day. I love the fact that his teachers really know him

«  I particularly appreciate the Twitter and Facebook feed

«  I like how St Damian’s supports students with additional needs

«  Fantastic staff

«  Good teaching

«  Love the dedication of staff who give up their own free time for activities out of school hours

«  Very pleased with school and progress


«  The Staff work hard and are dedicated.

«  Thank you to every single member of staff that has educated my son & made him into a wonderful, confident young man.  Outstanding Staff Outstanding School.

«  No, couldn’t have wished for a better school for my children.

«  The support given to my daughter is lovely, she sometimes lacks confidence, but staff always made her feel positive.

«  Just really pleased with the education both my daughters have received at this school, couldn’t have asked for better. Many Thanks.

«  Teachers – amazing! Thanks so much.

«  Brilliant teachers.

«  The teachers are amazing.

«  The staff are all friendly and approachable and really care about the pupils.

«  Very happy with the support my child has been given from all staff.

«  The response to any of my concerns with my daughter, Mrs Taylor has helped her massive, can’t thank her enough

«  The commitment from the staff to help the pupils be the best they can be, is overwhelming.  Ms Taylor as Head of Year is approachable at all times is just fantastic.

«  No, I’ve been very happy with my son’s progress and time at St Damian’s

«  Friendly Staff.

«  Fantastic pastoral care / support.

«  Thank you for your time and support for my son.

«  Amazing, enthusiastic and committed teachers.

«  Really appreciate encouragement given to my daughter. Thanks.

Helpful Staff.